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Truck Accident Investigations With Columbus Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents that occur in and around Columbus are often the result of driver error and negligence. When a truck driver speeds, fails to follow the rules of the road, or fails to comply with state and federal motor carrier regulations, serious accidents can occur.

When a large truck collides with a smaller vehicle, it is usually the driver and occupants of the smaller vehicle who are injured the most seriously. These injuries often require hospital visits, medical treatment, and sometimes ongoing medical care for years to come. This is in addition to possible lost income, pain and suffering, and long-term impairments from severe injuries. It is imperative for such accident victims to ensure they recover as much as possible for liable truck drivers and companies.  

In truck accident cases, trucking companies and their insurers sometimes dispute liability. When that happens, an investigation might need to be completed in order to determine exactly how the accident occurred. A Columbus truck accident attorney at The Jones Firm can retain the necessary experts, including accident reconstructionists, to help you prove the legal elements of your personal injury claim. Please call us today to learn more about how we could assist with your Columbus truck accident case and pursue the monetary recovery that you deserve. 

What Happens During a Truck Accident Investigation?

The main purpose of a truck accident investigation is to determine how an accident occurred and who was at fault. In some cases, it might be necessary to retain the services of a certified accident reconstructionist or investigator. These individuals will be able to speak with eyewitnesses who were present at the scene of the accident, review investigative reports (including police reports) that were prepared, and look at video footage or photographs to piece together exactly how a truck accident happened. They can also analyze data from the truck’s “black box.”

Specifically, accident reconstructionists and other experts will try and determine:

  • The speeds and directions of the involved vehicles
  • The force of the impact and the number of impacts that occurred 
  • Whether one or more drivers violated a traffic law, such as by running a red light or failing to yield the right-of-way to another vehicle 
  • Whether a truck driver violated a state or federal motor carrier regulation with respect to weight or load limits, overhead and undercarriage lighting requirements, and other mandates

A Columbus truck accident lawyer will be able to retain the necessary experts to piece together how your truck accident happened, helping you establish the legal elements of your personal injury claim. 

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The accident victim has the legal burden of proof in a truck accident claim. Consequently, the accident victim must show that another driver was negligent, that the accident occurred as a result, and that the accident victim suffered one or more personal injuries. The experienced attorneys at The Jones Firm can help you satisfy your legal burden and pursue the compensation that you need and deserve for your truck accident injuries. 

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