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Dog bites are frightening events that can lead to serious injuries with overarching implications for your health and future. The State of Ohio takes dog bites and dog bite laws very seriously, and so should you.

When a dangerous dog attacks or bites a person, the resulting injuries can be devastating and sometimes deadly. Potential injuries caused by vicious dogs can include bite marks, lacerations, puncture wounds, cuts and abrasions, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries. 

Dogs are generally wonderful pets that enrich our lives and make going out for walks with them a real joy. If you or someone you are close to has been injured by a dog bite, however, it’s a very different scenario. Dog bites can be exceptionally dangerous and can lead to long-lasting health complications. If someone else’s dog leaves you injured, don’t put off obtaining the professional legal counsel from an experienced Columbus dog bite attorney that you need. The Jones Firm will promptly investigate the circumstances leading up to the incident and work to get you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Please contact us today to find out more about how we could help you with every aspect of your dog bite claim.

Ohio’s Dog Bite Law

Dog bites are dangerous, and the State of Ohio is strict when it comes to dog bite law, and all of the following apply:

  1. Ohio is a strict liability state, which means that if a dog that is owned by someone else bites you, the dog owner is responsible for the injuries you sustain (with some exceptions). 
  2. The dog in question does not need to have been declared dangerous prior to the incident (as is the case in some states).
  3. There is no one “free bite” contingency that is used to help determine if the dog is dangerous in the first place (as is the case in some states).

Ohio takes dog bites seriously and doesn’t begin with the assumption that the dog in question is safe unless it proves itself otherwise. When a dog bites someone in Ohio, that dog is deemed dangerous – without taking a “wait and see” hiatus. 

Strict Liability For Dog Bites And Dog Attacks In Ohio

When it comes to dog bite cases, the State of Ohio follows strict liability rules. Under these rules, the harborer, keeper, or owner of a dangerous dog could be liable for injuries that the dog causes under the following circumstances:

  • The person’s injury was brought about by the dog’s behavior
  • The individual who was injured was not committing (or attempting to commit) some type of criminal trespass – or any other crime – with the exception of a minor misdemeanor offense
  • The individual who suffered injuries in the attack was not abusing, tormenting, or teasing the dog in some way

This statute applies not only to bite injuries caused by a dog, but also to other injuries which the dog might cause. Moreover, since the State of Ohio uses strict liability rules in dog bite cases, it is not necessary for the injured individual to prove that the dog owner behaved negligently or unreasonably under the circumstances. 

If the dog bite victim can prove all of the elements listed above, then he or she could recover monetary compensation in the form of damages. Potential damages in dog bite cases include payment of related medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering damages that stemmed from the incident. 

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