Motorcycle Injury Cases in Ohio

Motorcycle Injury Cases in Ohio

Motorcycle accidents in Ohio are more common than you might think. Unfortunately, these types of wrecks are also more dangerous because motorcyclists have far less protection than people who drive cars. The rate of motorcycle accident injuries, especially those with catastrophic injuries, in Ohio is high, according to state accident and injury statistics.

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Motorcycle Injury Statistics in Ohio

Motorcycles make up around 3.5% of registered vehicles in the state of Ohio, yet they account for 16-17% of all fatal crashes. Fatal motorcycle accidents in Ohio increased by approximately 55% in 2021 following 2020: the start of the coronavirus pandemic. There was an increase from 136 motorcycle deaths in 2020 to 212 motorcycle deaths in 2021. The primary reason for this increase is that there was a greater number of drivers, including motorcyclists, on the roadways in 2021 than in 2020. Of course, this is partly due to more people getting out following the first year of the pandemic, but this increase should not be overlooked. Out of the 212 deaths in 2021, 166 of those people riding motorcycles were not wearing their helmets.

The summer months in Ohio also show an increase in motorcycle accidents. There were 17 fatal motorcycle crashes on Ohio’s roadways over Memorial Day weekend in 2022. Of those 17 wrecks, 7 of them involved motorcycles. There are typically more motorcycles on the roadways from May to October due to more traffic and nicer weather. Overall, people tend to drive more recklessly during the spring and summer months, and there are more people on the road.

What Can Drivers Do to Watch Out for Motorcyclists?

As a driver in Ohio, it’s your responsibility to drive carefully. Safe and attentive driving can help reduce the number of motorcycle accidents from year to year. Motorcyclists are more difficult to see: they have lower visibility since they have a smaller profile and they’re shorter. This means you have to pay extra attention to motorcyclists on the road. Motorcyclists are also harder to see at night since it’s darker and motorcycles only have a single headlight. They might be in your blind spot, so it’s important to regularly check your side and rearview mirrors for motorcyclists.

What Can Motorcyclists Do to Keep Roads Safe?

If you are a motorcyclist, you can make Ohio’s roadways safer by getting a motorcycle license. This shows that you’re legally able to operate your motorcycle in Ohio and that you’re a capable motorcyclist who understands highway safety.

Another tip is to make yourself more visible on the road. You should use your headlights at night, in the rain, and in the fog. Also, consider wearing bright colors at night so you’re more visible and other drivers can see you, especially in their blind spots. Remember to use your turn signal when you’re passing or changing lanes to alert other drivers of what you’re doing and make them aware of your whereabouts.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Ohio

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash in Ohio, there are some steps you can take to ensure you’re safe and that you receive compensation for the motorcycle accident.

First, make sure you’re in a safe zone. If you’ve been ejected or your motorcycle has been toppled over, try to move your motorcycle off the road. You should also ask other drivers to move their vehicles to protect you from oncoming traffic. Next, call 911 and ensure that the police file an accident report. You should also exchange insurance information with the other parties. Set up a claim with your insurance company so you can receive compensation.

Motorcycle accident victims should seeking medical attention immediately after the crash. About 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury, so it’s likely that you sustained some injuries from the accident. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the emergency room or urgent care to see if you’ve sustained serious or life-threatening injuries.

Finally, seek a free consultation from a local personal injury attorney who’s experienced with motorcycle injury crash cases. Working with an experienced and reliable attorney can ensure you get the best possible result for your motorcycle accident lawsuit, which means you get more money in your pocket.

An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash in Ohio, you can rely on The Jones Law Firm to maximize your settlement for your motorcycle accident claim. We provide quality service to help motorcyclists get paid for their damages due to the negligence of other drivers.

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