How Safe Are Ohio Roads?

How Safe Are Ohio Roads?

We may joke that drivers are terrible in California, or Texas, or that state up north, but what about our own state of Ohio? How safe are our roads? Is our legislature doing enough to protect us through new traffic safety laws?

Well, according to some sources ( Ohio is not doing enough to protect us from common traffic safety issues.

Among suggested laws are the following:

  1. Primary Enforcement Seat Belt Law – In Ohio, seat belt restrictions are enforced only if another a driver is stopped for another safety violation. Officers are prohibited from stopping a vehicle solely to enforce the seat belt safety law.
  2. All Rider Motorcycle Helmet Law – Ohio law requires only minors under the age of 18 to wear a helmet on a motorcycle.
  3. Rear Facing Child Safety Seat Through Age 2 – Ohio law only requires a rear facing child safety seat through age 1.

There are on average over 1,000 traffic deaths every year in Ohio costing us about $10 billion in economic loss.

Should we being doing more to prevent serious traffic crash injuries and fatalities?

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