Your Rights after a Dooring Accident

Your Rights after a Dooring Accident

When negligent drivers and passengers open their car doors into the path of an oncoming cyclist, the cyclist can suffer serious injuries – especially if the cyclist falls off his or her bike. The injured cyclist might then file a claim against the at-fault individual. 

Dooring accidents occur when the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle – such as a car or truck – opens his or her door into the path of an oncoming cyclist. In many instances, this causes the cyclist to fall off his or her bike and onto the ground, often suffering serious injuries in the process. If the cyclist strikes the ground directly, he or she could suffer serious injuries that might impact their life for a long time. In addition, the cyclist might need to visit the emergency room and undergo lengthy medical treatment after being injured in a dooring accident. 

If you or a person you care about has suffered an injury in a bicycle dooring accident, you have legal rights and options that are available to you. The knowledgeable team of Columbus bicycle accident attorneys at The Jones Firm could investigate the circumstances of your dooring accident and explore all of your legal options with you. We could then help you pursue the monetary compensation and damages that you deserve for the injuries which you sustained in your accident.   

Why Do Bicycle Dooring Accidents Occur?

Bicycle dooring accidents typically occur because of negligence on the part of a motor vehicle driver or passenger. The driver/passenger might not be paying attention to his or her surroundings and open a car door into the direct path of an oncoming cyclist. These accidents are common near bike lanes where cyclists are often present, as well as in parking lots and parking garages. Cyclists can sustain a variety of injuries, including fractures, bruising, face and head injuries, and more. 

What Can You Do After a Dooring Accident to Pursue Compensation?

Following a dooring accident, you could pursue legal action against the negligent person who opened the car/truck door into your lane of travel. If you were traveling in a designated bicycle lane, for example, and a car driver carelessly opened the door into your path, you could allege that the driver was negligent and that as a result, you suffered one or more serious injuries. 

If you have suffered an injury in a dooring accident, you, as the accident victim, have the legal burden of proof. If you are able to prove that another party was negligent, you could pursue monetary damages from the at-fault person and/or the driver’s insurance company. Potential damages that are available in bicycle dooring accident cases include compensation for medical bills and expenses, as well as compensation for lost earnings, pain, suffering, and inconvenience. 

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