Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Columbus? 9 Things to Consider

car accident lawyer in columbus

After you’ve been in a car accident in Columbus, you may be wondering whether or not you need a lawyer. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the severity of the accident, who is at fault, and the type of insurance coverage involved.

For example, if the other driver was clearly at fault and there was little or no damage to your vehicle, you may not need a lawyer. However, if the other driver was only partially at fault or if there was significant damage to your vehicle, or if you suffered severe injuries, it’s probably a good idea to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer from The Jones Firm.

Even if you ultimately decide not to hire an accident lawyer, through a free initial consultation, they can help you understand your rights and options under the law. And if you do choose to hire a lawyer, they can help you recover damages for your injuries and property. A lawyer may also negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf and ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your losses.

Here are a few things to keep in mind after an accident:

  • You may be entitled to compensation if you have any damage, expenses, or injury.
  • Insurance companies are not on your side.
  • Most personal injury lawyers offer risk and commitment-free first consultations, so you have nothing to lose.
  • You should not delay.

9 Things to Consider When Deciding Whether You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Here are 9 things for you to consider when deciding to seek legal help for your car accident case:

  1. The accident resulted in severe injuries/damage or the loss of a loved one.
  2. The accident involved multiple parties.
  3. The paperwork doesn’t look accurate (insurance communications, police report)
  4. The resulting injuries caused you to miss work (or left you unable to work).
  5. The accident happened in a questionable area, like a construction zone.
  6. The at-fault party was underinsured or uninsured.
  7. Medical treatment costs more than a couple of thousand dollars.
  8. You need help gathering evidence to prove negligence.
  9. Details are complicated (medical, legal, technical)

When Do You Not Need a Columbus Car Accident Lawyer?

An accident lawyer might not be necessary for your car accident claim if one of the following applies to your case:

  • If no one is hurt or there was no damage. But you should ensure your doctor clears you of possible complications.
  • When the damages are minimal or you receive no medical treatment.
  • When the insurance company is offering you the amount you feel is fair.
  • There’s a high chance of the case proceeding to a small claims court.

What a Car Accident Lawyer May Do for Your Case

A car accident attorney will assess your case and advise you on the best course of action. If the accident was due to another person’s negligence, the lawyer would also be able to tell you the kind of compensation you may be entitled to.

If they think you are entitled to compensation, a car accident attorney will do the following to demonstrate evidence that you suffered at the hands of the defendant’s carelessness:

  • Get the police report that documents how the accident happened.
  • Talk to your doctor and get your most recent medical records.
  • Talk to witnesses and collect testimony from them.
  • Use the help of accident reconstruction specialists and expert testimony.

An Accident Lawyer Can Help Prove Negligence

A car accident lawyer in Columbus may also help you prove negligence by bringing these four elements into your car accident lawsuit: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

  • Duty: The defendant had a duty to take reasonable steps to prevent the accident. This is especially important in distracted driving and reckless driving cases.
  • Breach: That the defendant failed to take reasonable precautions or that they took actions that led to the accident.
  • Causation: The defendant’s actions were the direct cause of your injuries or damages.
  • Damages: You suffered damages like physical injuries, emotional distress, medical bills, or other financial losses due to the accident.

Your lawyer will attempt to prove all these elements and seek compensation for your damages.

Having a Lawyer Can Increase Your Compensation

Many people choose to handle their accident cases, believing they will save money by avoiding attorney fees. However, this is often not the case. Studies have shown that plaintiffs who are represented by counsel receive significantly higher settlements than those who represent themselves in car accident cases. There are several reasons for this.

Lawyers Level the Playing Field With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and they do this by paying out as little as possible on claims for auto accidents. As a result, they often try to lowball claimants representing themselves. However, insurance companies are more likely to take a car crash case seriously when handled by an experienced lawyer.

Car accident attorneys know how to evaluate an accident claim and negotiate with the insurance company to get the best possible car accident settlement. They can also litigate the case if necessary to get you the compensation you deserve.

Lawyers Ensure Proper Valuation of Your Case

One of the most challenging things in personal injury claims is giving value to a case. A lot of factors, including the extent of the injuries, the impact on your life, and the ability to return to work, come into play. A lawyer will know how to properly value a case and determine the full extent of the damages suffered. This knowledge can significantly increase the amount of compensation you ultimately recover in your lawsuit.

Hire an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

If you’ve been involved in a Columbus car accident, it’s important to consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A trusted car accident lawyer in Columbus can help you prove negligence and seek the compensation you deserve. Having a lawyer on your side can increase your chances of getting the best possible settlement for your car accident injuries and damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do car accident lawyers in Columbus charge?

Car accident lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, typically charge what is known as a contingency fee. This means that they will only charge a fee if they successfully recover compensation on your behalf. If they are not successful, you will not owe them anything. The contingency fee is typically a percentage of the total amount recovered, somewhere between 30-40%.

What is the Statute of Limitations in a car accident or personal injury case in Ohio?

Personal injury claims in Columbus, Ohio, have a two-year time limit from the date of the accident. Meaning if you were injured in an accident, you have two years from the accident date to file a lawsuit. You may be barred from bringing a claim if you don’t file a lawsuit within that time frame. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to consult with a lawyer immediately after an accident. A lawyer can help determine whether you have a valid claim and file a claim within the statute of limitations. If you delay in consulting with an accident lawyer, you may lose your right to bring a personal injury lawsuit claim.

What are the cons of representing myself in a car accident case?

There are several drawbacks to representing yourself in a car accident case. First, it can be difficult to prove liability without the help of an experienced lawyer. Second, you may not be aware of all the damages you are entitled to recover. Finally, the insurance company will likely take your case less seriously if you represent yourself. This could result in a lower settlement offer for your car accident claim.

What should you not say in a car accident?

You should avoid saying anything that could be construed as admitting fault in car accidents. For example, you should not say sorry or apologize to the other driver. Any statements you make after the accident could be used against you to prove liability. Also, you do not need to provide the insurance company with an accident statement, even if they ask for one.

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