Be Aware of Injury Risks of Halloween

Injury Risks of Halloween

Halloween should be a fun holiday for people of all ages, though there are certain risks of injuries associated with Halloween celebrations that can disrupt your life. If you or your child suffers injuries, contact a Columbus personal injury lawyer from The Jones Firm.

As Halloween approaches, people are decorating their homes, planning parties, picking out costumes, buying candy, and more. Even though Halloween might look a little different in 2020, you can rest assured that people will still find a way to dress up and celebrate with family and friends whenever possible. Not only do you have COVID-19 safety to worry about this Halloween, but you also should stay aware of injury risks that are associated with this typically fun holiday. In the event that you or your child suffers injuries, contact a Columbus personal injury attorney who will always aim for the best possible result in your injury case. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Part of the Halloween tradition is trick-or-treating, which involves walking around neighborhoods to collect candy in the evening. This time window often overlaps with the commute home, so there tend to be many cars on the road while families set out to trick-or-treat. This combination – along with the sun going down – increases the chances of pedestrian accidents that can result in severe injuries to adults and children alike. 

Drunk Driving Accidents

Like most holidays, many people like to indulge in some alcoholic beverages as part of their Halloween celebrations. Whether someone has drinks at their own home or a restaurant, they should not get behind the wheel after doing so. Unfortunately, there are always people who violate the law, and there is often an increased number of drunk drivers on Halloween. These drivers can crash into other vehicles or pedestrians, causing serious injuries, and drunk drivers should always be fully liable for any harm they cause.

Premises Accidents

Halloween means spooking decorations on houses, in stores, and in other establishments. When visitors show up on a decorated property to trick-or-treat or as customers, they run the risk of being injured by decor. Property owners might place decorations too close to sidewalks or walkways, which can cause a trip and fall. If there are candles or similar decorations, they might start a larger fire or burn someone. There are many ways that Halloween can present property hazards.

Product Accidents

Many costumes come with masks, fake weapons, and other accessories. These costumes can be defectively designed or produced, which can lead to seemingly harmless costumes to become unreasonably dangerous. Kids often suffer injuries because of defective or improperly designed costumes and accessories on Halloween. 

No matter how injuries happen on Halloween, it is important to determine whether someone else can be liable for your losses. Many accident victims can recover for their medical expenses, lost income, permanent injuries and impairments, pain and suffering, and more. 

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The Jones Firm hopes that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween celebration. If you or someone you love is injured, do not wait to contact a Columbus personal injury attorney to assess your rights and options. Call 614-209-5162 or contact us online for a free consultation today.

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