The Top 7 Personal Injuries That Result From Fall Activities

The Top 7 Personal Injuries That Result From Fall Activities

Personal injury lawyers see a wide variety of cases, but some types of injuries are more common than others. Many of these injuries occur during activities that take place in the fall, such as sports, gardening, and home improvement projects. To help you stay safe, we’ll discuss the top 7 personal injuries that can result from fall activities. Of course, we hope none of these situations arise for you, but if they do, contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

Common Injuries in the Fall

You can do plenty of exciting activities during the fall, including visiting a pumpkin patch, raking leaves and baking. But, unfortunately, while they can bring fun and excitement, they can also lead to injuries like those on this list.


It is an injury frequently referred to as a “pulled muscle” and occurs in the tendons and muscles. The strain is a result of small rips on the tendon that joins the muscle to the bone. Strains can therefore be excruciatingly painful. It can be due to bending, lifting, and jerking without using the correct body mechanics. Common causes of strains during autumn include raking leaves and lifting heavy gourds or pumpkins. Some symptoms of strain may include pain or discomfort, weakness, redness, swelling, or muscular spasms.


Sprains, on the other hand, involve the tearing or straining of ligaments. Two bones are joined together by fibrous ligaments, which are bits of connective tissue. Sprains happen as a result of overextending or overexerting oneself. Redness, swelling, discomfort, and restricted movement are symptoms and indicators of sprains, similar to strains. However, bruising can also happen. In addition, patients frequently describe hearing a popping sound as soon as the injury happens. Sprains during fall are frequently caused by gardening. When you get up from your kneeling position, ensure your area is clutter-free. This is crucial. A trip over a plant can result in a fall, which can injure the joint and result in a sprain.

Stress Fractures

The cooler weather may have you out for walks or runs more frequently. But unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for running injuries is overuse. When bones are repeatedly and continuously stressed, stress fractures can develop. Running on hard surfaces is a high-impact activity that strikes the foot, ankle, and leg bones. As a result, the body’s connective tissues wear out as they cannot provide the necessary assistance for stress absorption. Pain and swelling at the injury site are two typical signs of stress fractures.

Running Injuries

In the fall, you might consider running outside as the temperature is typically neither too hot nor too cold. However, running can cause injuries even though it is a healthy hobby that can help you lose weight, build muscle, and burn calories. The typical running injuries include stress fractures (discussed earlier), Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and a runner’s knee. Wear comfortable running shoes, warm up beforehand, and use the appropriate technique to lessen your chances of injury.

Car Accidents

While it’s enjoyable to take a drive and enjoy the splendor of the fall season, doing so increases your risk of being involved in a collision. This is primarily due to reduced visibility brought on by the fog and the intense sun. In addition, deer and leaves, particularly when damp, could potentially be dangerous. Driving slowly and paying close attention to the road in front of you are the best ways to prevent auto accidents in the fall. Before you get behind the wheel, you should also defrost your windows and scrape the ice off your automobile.

Slip and Fall Injuries

These injuries appear to be minor. But they are considerably more intricate than they seem to be. Broken bones, fractures, sprains, and head injuries can result from slip and fall accidents. Fallen branches, leaves, and other seasonal materials could adhere to pavements and pathways. Broken bones are the result of one in five slip-and-fall accidents. It is easy to become disoriented and trip, but paying attention to every step may help you avoid losing time and money and getting an elbow injury. For whatever season, people trip and fall all the time in commercial settings. If you accidentally fall while on their premises, the business owner could be responsible for it as they failed to keep their place safe.

Fallen Debris Injuries

States in the Northeast have many fallen leaves, but even the states with not as many can still have enough debris to cause personal injury. A second glance at the ground can help you avoid getting hurt. To avoid further harm, it is advisable to keep an eye out for the trees in your vicinity. To prevent injuries, don’t be afraid to clear up any debris on your property at least once a week. Doing this could spare you and anybody else on your property the hassle of a fall. If the debris is on someone else’s property or that of another company, that person or company may be liable for negligence.


Although autumn is a great season, it may also be risky. The top 7 personal injuries during autumn are slips and falls, car accidents, running injuries, strains and sprains, and more. Contact a personal injury lawyer right away if you or someone you know has suffered injuries from a fall. They can assist you in obtaining just compensation.

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