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Alcohol Affects Driver’s Motor Coordination

Motorists who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol eschew their responsibility to drive safely and make our roadways that much more dangerous for everyone. Drunk drivers play far too critical a role in the deadliest accidents out there. 

There isn’t a driver on our roads who isn’t fully aware that driving while under the influence of alcohol is an exceptionally dangerous practice, yet some motorists refuse to forsake this life-threatening form of negligence. The truth is that drunk driving plays far too great a role in fatal traffic accidents. If an impaired driver leaves you injured in a car accident, consult with a dedicated Columbus drunk driving accident attorney today.


When motorists are impaired by alcohol, it affects their motor coordination, which means it physically affects their ability to drive safely. Further, alcohol reduces inhibitions, which is reflected in the motorist’s decision to drive under the influence of alcohol in the first place. Alcohol can also play tricks with drivers’ vision and can cause cognitive impairment, both of which can obviously wreak havoc on safe driving. 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports all of the following sobering statistics related to drunk driving:

  • Every single day, about 29 people die from traffic accidents involving drunk driving, which translates to one fatality every 50 minutes.
  • Every year, the losses associated with drunk driving accidents amount to more than $44 billion. 
  • In 2016, fatal crashes related to drunk driving left 10,497 people dead and accounted for 28 percent of all traffic fatalities. 
  • Of the 1,233 children killed by traffic accidents in 2016, 17 percent involved an impaired driver.
  • In 2016, there were more than a million arrests related to impaired driving, but this only accounts for 1 percent of the 111 million self-reported instances of driving under the influence that year.

Drunk drivers are among the most dangerous on our roadways. 


If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver, the damages you’ve sustained can be considerable, including:

  1. Medical Costs – Your medical expenses can pile up quickly, including emergency care and transportation, surgery and hospitalization, ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation, adaptive physical devices, prescription medications, and much more. 
  2. Lost Earnings – As you watch your medical bills continue to roll in, you’re also likely to experience time off the job and subsequent lost wages. If your injuries are quite serious, you could even be facing diminished earnings into your future. 
  3. Pain and Suffering – The physical and mental pain and suffering associated with being injured by a drunk driver is very real and can be very difficult to effectively overcome.


Geoff Jones at The Jones Firm in Columbus, Ohio, is an accomplished personal injury attorney who brings the same focused dedication and legal acumen to every case he takes on. We’re here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 614-209-5162 for more information today. 

Columbus Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

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